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Benefits Of HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine

Benefits of HHO carbon Cleaners Machine

Benefits Of HHO Engine Carbon Cleaner | Engine Decarbonization Kit

HHO Carbon Cleaners, also called as Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine, Utilize the standard of electrolysis to make hydrogen and oxygen gases which are then put forward into engine’s framework to bust Carbon store. Benefits of HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine includes Engine Performance Improvement, Decreased Emission, Smoother Engine, Less Vibrations, Quieter Engine, Extend Engine Life, Enhanced Fuel Efficiency, Cost Effective Maintenance and so on. 

* The procedure includes:

  1. Safe and Harmless: The technique linked With using hydrogen and oxygen gases for Carbon Cleaning.
  2. Mannerly Cleaning : we offer a gentle procedure for cleaning inside engine parts, the HHO machine can detox the engine while the engine is on or running.
  3. Enhance Engine Performance: Engine Detox can assist with cleaning of Carbon stored in inner engine parts, boosting engine performance.
  4. Decrease Emission : Our machine cleans the inside parts of the engine, which results in total fuel burning and decreasing discharges of hazardous Contaminants like Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides.


Operational Current{DC}

  • Rated Capicity(KVA){3KVA} Rated Gas Prodution(LPH)
  • {1500 LPH(+/- 10%)}
  • Water Consumption(L/HR) {400MLPH(+/- 10%)}
  • Work engine capacity
  • {100 CC to 4000 CC}
  • Technology type
  • {Dry Cell Euro type}
  • Cleaning Time
  • {20 to 40 Minutes}
  • Anode Cathode Material {Titanium & SS 316L Grade}
  • Operating Temperatures
  • {Under 50 Degree}
  • Power Protection Grade{PS21S} Working Medium{Regular} Cooling Mode{Air Coolant}
  • Gas Variation option {Yes,Available}
  • Auto Cut Timer{YES} Maintenance{Self}
  • Shock Proof{Yes RCCB}
  • Guaranty & Warranty
  • {2Yrs + 6Yrs}
  • HSN Code{8405}
  • Gross Weight{100KG}
  • Dimensions{30X30X32 Inches} Origin Country{INDIA}
  • Work Engine Capacity {100 CC to 10000CC}
  • Input Voltage : { 220 V AC( +/- 10 %)} Rated Gas Production:( LPH) { 1500 LPH ( +/- 10 %)}
  • Weight and Dimension: 100KG .{30X30X32 Inches}
  • Dry Cell Hydrogen Based Detox Machine without any Chemical up to 10000 CC Engine Automatic with Push Start Button.
  • Water Tank capacity{25 Liters}
  • Working
  • Rs 4,00,000 + 18% GST
  • 2 Years Guarantee + 6 years Warranty

Our Happy Customer using Engine Detox Machine: