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Engine Detox

Engine Detox Machine

What is Engine Detox Machine?

Engine Detox with Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine - Unlock Peak Performance!

Welcome to the world of Engine Detox, where the innovative Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine revolutionizes how you maintain your vehicle’s performance. As carbon buildup inside engines can hinder their efficiency, the Engine Detox process employs cutting-edge HHO technology to restore and unleash your engine’s full potential. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and embrace a cleaner, smoother ride with our eco-friendly and non-invasive solution.

The Engine Detox Process: How it Works During the Engine Detox process, the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine introduces the HHO gas into your engine’s intake system while the engine is operational. As the gas enters the combustion chamber, it initiates engine detox process  with the carbon deposits, loosening and breaking them down without any need for engine disassembly or harsh chemical additives.

As India’s leading manufacturer of HHO kits and engine carbon cleaning machines, we specialize in providing effective solutions for cleaning and maintaining the engines of vehicles

Benefits of Engine Detox with Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning:

  1. Optimized Performance: Engine Detox restores lost power and efficiency by clearing carbon deposits from intake valves, pistons, and fuel injectors, allowing your vehicle to operate at its peak performance.

  2. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: By eliminating carbon buildup, your engine runs more smoothly, leading to improved fuel economy and saving you money at the pump.

  3. Reduced Emissions: An Engine Detox leads to cleaner combustion, resulting in reduced harmful emissions, making your vehicle more environmentally friendly.

  4. Extended Engine Lifespan: Keeping your engine free from carbon buildup through regular Engine Detox sessions helps prolong its lifespan and minimizes the risk of costly repairs.

  5. Non-Invasive Solution: The Engine Detox process is non-intrusive, ensuring there’s no need to dismantle your engine or use aggressive chemicals, making it a safe and cost-effective solution.

Why Choose Our Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine:?

  1. Cutting-Edge HHO Technology: Our Engine Detox machine employs the latest HHO technology, backed by years of research and development, to deliver exceptional cleaning results.

  2. Expert Technicians: Our skilled technicians are trained to perform Engine Detox with precision, ensuring a thorough cleaning process that optimizes your engine’s performance.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Countless satisfied customers have experienced the remarkable benefits of our Engine Detox service, and we take pride in their positive feedback and testimonials.

Give your engine the rejuvenating treatment it deserves with our Engine Detox using the powerful Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine. Experience improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions while extending your engine’s lifespan. Embrace the future of engine maintenance by scheduling an Engine Detox session today and unlock your vehicle’s true potential!

How we cover carbon built up:

Over time carbon deposits accumulate in engines leading to a wide range of problems including loss of power, higher fuel consumption and increased damage to engine parts.
Impact carbon clean machine runs on just tap water, meaning there are no harsh chemicals or expensive additives.
Instead, electrolysis produces highly charged oxygen and hydrogen molecules; the oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture is then cooled and filtered before it’s fed into the engine through the air filter.
Once inside the engine, increased oxygen improves combustion whilst the catalytic properties of hydrogen get to work so that carbon deposits are broken down and burnt away.
The treatment takes just half an hour, and the machine is fully automated so technicians can work on the vehicle whilst the process is running.

Our engine carbon cleaners

Engine Detox 4000 CC Model

Input voltage: {220 V AC(+/- 10%)} Rated Gas Production:( LPH)

{ 900 LPH ( +/- 10 %)}

Weight and Dimension: 100KG .{30X30X32 Inches}

Work engine capacity {100 CC to 4000 CC}
Rs. 3,50,000 +GST
Engine Detox 10000 CC Model
Input voltage : { 220 V AC( +/- 10 %)} Rated Gas Production:( LPH)

{ 1500 LPH( +/- 10 %)}

Weight and Dimension: 100KG .{30X30X32 Inches

Work engine capacity{ 100 CC to 10000 CC}
Rs.4,00,000 + GST
Engine Detox 10000 CC Touch Model
Input voltage : { 220 V AC( +/- 10 %)} Rated Gas Production:( LPH)

{ 1500 LPH ( +/- 10 %)}

Weight and Dimension: 100KG .{30X30X32 Inches}

Work engine capacity {100 CC to 10000CC}
Rs.4,25,000 + GST
Engine Detox 10000 CC Android Model
Input voltage : { 220 V AC( +/- 10 %)} Rated Gas Production:( LPH)

{ 1500 LPH ( +/- 10 %)}

Weight and Dimension: 100KG .{30X30X32 Inches}

Work engine capacity {100 CC to 10000CC}
Rs.4,50,000 + GST