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Boss Mohammed IV send-offs Morocco’s most memorable hydrogen vehicle.

Boss Mohammed IV send-offs Morocco's most memorable hydrogen vehicle.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI unveiled the country’s first car brand and hydrogen vehicle prototype in a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Rabat Monday. 

Morocco’s Guide news office announced that the new vehicle, named the Hydrogen Utility Vehicle or HUV, was created by the principal 100 percent Moroccan-claimed vehicle organization Neo Engines and the Paris-based vehicle organization NamX. NamX’s leader co-made the world’s most memorable vehicle that is to some extent fueled by a licensed removable hydrogen tank framework. The Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina helped plan the hydrogen model.

Neo Motors CEO Nassim Belkhayat and NamX President Faouzi Annajah presented the project, which looks to strengthen Morocco’s competitiveness for automotive production. Morocco is as of now Africa’s biggest vehicle maker and last September the public authority swore to twofold its electric vehicle creation limit in two years or less.

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